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  1. Description: DreadFool's hood smells like maximum effort and cucumber/melon shampoo/conditioner with just a hint of insanity. Set Piece: DreadFool Set. Male; Female - Front + Back. awesome-rarity cosmetic craftingreward _d helm hood _lv1 questitem shopitem. Help | Terms of.
  2. Jan 24,  · Genre/Influences: Dark-technoid, d’n’b, EBM. Background/Info: “Your Insanity” resulted from the common efforts between Belgian techno-body producer Ethan Fawkes, French singer of The Chemical Sweet Kid aka Julien Kidam and Dreadfool (Dreadfool is an ex-member of Anamorphosis and now singer of Nihiliste). This EP has been released on a small Belgian Netlabel and features the title .

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